As a priority in its internal policies Dosapac Scientia has the protection of the personal data that it treats in the exercise of its activity. As such, this DECLARATION serves the purpose of informing in full transparency what is involved when accepting our Privacy Policy.



applies to our website www.scientia.pt and may be changed at any time as necessary to update and correct it. Any change will be communicated to you promptly. We are transparent in all our processes and we feel a huge responsibility for having entrusted your data to us ….



PERSONAL DATA includes any information of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to a natural person, capable of identifying or making it identifiable (ie directly or indirectly identified, in particular by reference to a number or one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity).


Our personal data protection policies have been developed to the extent that we know and recognize that a person’s privacy is an increasingly privileged right. So, whenever you give us personal information, you will be safeguarded because you are granted legally binding rights.


Whenever you understand, you can access the data provided, and you can also request access or rectification of the data in any other way that suits you best, namely by sending us an e-mail to geral@dosapac.com Whenever possible, identify the subject as being related to the protection of personal data, and specifically the claim (for example, “access to personal data”). We note that additional information may be required. This is to say that it can confirm who actually treats your personal data, request access to them if it is the case, and can edit them, as well as seek information that is related with your treatment – processing times, categories of data, associated rights, etc.



The right of opposition is provided for when the data used are intended to safeguard our own legitimate interests, commercial partners or public interests, or understand that the way we treat the personal information you have provided is not the most appropriate for your situation particular, or that it does not serve the purposes for which they were provided.Industrial: we speak of those cases in which we use your information, for example, to identify the type of customer that we have.I want to exercise my right You can exercise this right of opposition, in particular by sending us an e-mail indicating, wherever possible, the subject matter related to the protection of personal data and, in particular, the claim (eg opposition to data processing). “We note that additional information you may be required to do so, and it may not be our obligation to stop processing your data if it results from the leg applicable as is the case with the limitation periods or the forfeiture of claims.




If the privacy policies we advocate are not sufficient and you wish to be “forgotten” by our databases.If it is in your interest to continue to use your data, you may request deletion of it for all or some of the processed data when: consider (or not) that the data is unnecessary for the purpose for which it was collected; in case he has exercised his right of opposition; if the data is treated unlawfully or to fulfill a legal obligation. I wish to exercise my right! You can exercise this right, namely by sending us an email. Whenever possible, identify the subject as being related to the protection of personal data, and specifically the claim (eg “erasing personal data”). We note that additional information may be required, just as it may not be ours obligation to erase their data if this results from the applicable legislation – right away, as regards the limitation periods or expiry of rights.



I want to send my data to another entity. The user can request the portability of the data, as long as this is technically possible, in a structured format, in current use and automatic reading, by completing the “REQUEST FORM OF PERSONAL DATA PORTABILITY “that you can request us. We note that fees associated with this data provision service may be charged.


RIGHTS OF THE USER: the right was violated, what should I do?

This DECLARATION is for informational purposes only, not invalidating that the user who feels prejudiced in his rights will avail himself of the means suitable to his guardianship, submitting complaints to the National Data Protection Commission, resorting to legal proceedings or even speaking directly with us .


WHAT ARE THE MEASURES ADOPTED BY SENERGY FORCE TO ENSURE THE SECURITY OF MY PERSONAL DATA? We are committed to ensuring the protection of the security of the personal data that is made available to us through the implementation of physical and logical security measures – such as the creation and execution data protection policies and the adoption of computer security and network systems solutions – against their dissemination, loss and misuse, as well as against their processing, unauthorized access or any other form of illegal processing. In this context and by way of illustration, all our websites are protected by a digital certificate of security based on a protocol capable of encrypting the information transmitted between our server servers and the client. While we note that such conduct does not invalidate all website users should take additional security measures, using an appropriately configured electronic device and browser, with active firewall, antivirus, and / or other forms of logical or even physical security.



The data provided will not be transferred to third parties beyond the terms provided in this DECLARATION.
It may happen because … In the exercise of our activity we can cooperate with third parties beyond those already mentioned in this DECLARATION, as service providers, able to process your data. Access to this data will always depend on the express written authorization of the subscriber and data subject, who will be duly informed of the terms of the transfer.
In these situations, and for the sake of transparency, whenever possible, these entities and their data processing will be identified. We would only authorize such access insofar as these entities guarantee the data of our subscribers!
Please be aware that we take appropriate steps to ensure that our partners comply with all of their obligations regarding the protection of your data and, ultimately, we will be responsible for your treatment. But we will also disclose your personal information when we believe in good faith , in this need for related reasons:
– With legal requirements;
– With the protection of our customers, for example, to avoid spam or attempts to defraud users of our products, or even to help prevent serious injury or loss of life;
– With the operability and maintenance of the security of our products, including avoiding or preventing an attack on our computer systems or networks;
– By protecting the rights or ownership of companies, including the application of terms governing the use of services; however, if we receive information that indicates that someone is using our services to traffic stolen physical or intellectual property, we do not inspect the client’s private life on their own, but we may report the matter to the authorities.

You may request the information that you deem necessary regarding the processing and treatment of the same, warning that a fee will be applied in the case of unfounded or excessive requests. To that end, we may require elements that prove the quality of the holder of the personal data that intends to exercise You can contact us at: geral@dosapac.pt