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DOSAPAC SCIENTIA, company of scientific services specialized in environment, industry and agriculture, is a member of the Dosapac Alliance Group a multinational technology-based group of enterprises, founded in Oporto in 1997, with a global offer of projects and solutions in the areas of building technologies, maintenance, science, security and safety of police forces. We are celebrating two decades or work, with hundreds of completed projects that we feel proud of. The legacy of these first two decades keeps pushing us to overcome the expectations of our customers.


Environmental and human risk assessment. “RBCA” (Risk-Based Corrective Action) and environmental mitigation processes. Characterisation and modelling studies and programmes of integrated management of water resources . Integrated monitoring networks. Environmental impact assessment. Design of water treatment processes for human consumption, recreational, agricultural or industrial purposes. Evaluation and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment processes and support for the implementation of control laboratories. Characterisation, evaluation and management of phytopharmaceuticals and fertilisers. Support to agriculture, livestock and aquaculture productions, within the areas of process optimisation, circular economy and response to climate changes. Research and development in the fields of Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Ecotoxicology..


Programmes and systems for monitoring the quality of environmental and indoor air; control systems for gas emission sources in industrial environments and urban pollution; environmental impact studies. Preparation of solvent management plans and monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in indoor air. LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes for industrial facilities. Plans for monitoring and prevent Legionella occurrence in hospital, schools, hotels and institutions of childcare and geriatric care. Engineering services for the treatment of gas emissions.


Assessment of environmental and human risks. Studies of characterization, modeling and programs of integrated management of water resources.

Procedural definition of water treatment processes for human consumption, recreational, agricultural or industrial. Evaluation and optimization of Wastewater Treatment Stations and Support for the creation structures of laboratory control.

Organised Knowledge

We perceive Science as the basis for designing and planning for a sustainable development of industry, buildings, agriculture and environment. Air, soil, water and biota are the subjects of our basic scientific activity,  an essential tool for the application of efficient technologies, development of new approaches to early problem solving, environmental and energetic optimisation of the natural resources that are necessary for projects such as the remediation of contaminated sites, water and wastewater conditioning and waste recycling. We support the development of environmental management systems, and perform environmental studies of high complexity, monitor gaseous emissions or discharges into water bodies; we are proud to have both private and institutional clients spread over several continents.

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